Get Feedback: TA SGEs, Videos, and More

Two TAs talking outside, smiling. Photo by Rod Searcecy for Stanford CTL.

Get Feedback on Your Teaching as a TA

As you prepare to take your place in academia, your teaching is just as important as your research.  So you need to develop and improve your teaching skills just as you do your research skills. 

To improve, you need feedback.  Just as good writers write, get feedback, and edit multiple times, good teachers get feedback and "edit" their teaching to make it better every time they teach a course.

Don't wait for evaluations from the end of your course.  While those are valuable, they come too late for you to make changes in the way you taught that course. 

That's why VPTL strongly recommends getting midterm feedback.  When you hear ways to improve, you can put them into practice right away and see the results.  Here are the teaching evaluation services VPTL offers for TAs. Schedule yours for Weeks 4-6 of the quarter. After that, it'll be too late to put into practice what you learn.

Midterm Small Group Feedback Session (SGFS)

Midterm Online Feedback Survey

Video Recording and Consultation

Whatever method of getting feedback you choose, you'll want to discuss the results with an expert:  a VPTL consultant, the professor of your class, the faculty TA Training Director of your department, and colleagues.  Talk about what you learned and get suggestions about what to change. 

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