Lectures, Seminars & Teaching Lunches

Faculty Events Overview

CTL sponsors quarterly workshops and events for faculty on topics relating to teaching, learning, and professional development.

TAs and grad students should see Grad Workshops.

Teaching Lunches

A great way to meet colleagues from other departments and gain practical teaching tips is to attend one or more sessions in our Teaching Lunch series. CTL provides lunch for these informal gatherings, and the topics are set by the faculty participants themselves.  To propose topics, or to get an individual consultation, faculty, lecturers, and postdocs should contact the Associate Director listed for your disciplinary area.

Science and Engineering

Robyn Dunbar, Ph.D., robyn.dunbar@stanford.edu


Mariatte Denman, Ph.D., mdenman@stanford.edu

Social Sciences

The Associate Director position for Social Sciences is temporarily unfilled.  In the meantime, please contact Mariatte Denman or Robyn Dunbar.