Preparing students for research experiences through instructional labs

Heather Lewandowski in the lab
February 26, 2015 - 4:00pm
Physics & Astrophysics (Building 470), Room 232

Open to all Stanford science/engineering instructors, post-docs, and grad students; also science education researchers. No RSVP needed.

Preparing undergraduate physics majors for future careers in experimental science is one of the main goals of our current physics education system. At the University of Colorado, we have been working to transform our upper-division laboratory courses to better prepare students for future undergraduate, industrial, or graduate experimental work. Through this process, we have developed learning goals, frameworks for scientific practice skills, and assessments, which are applicable to a broad range of courses and institutions. The transformation process and measured outcomes will be presented.

Heather Lewandowski, from the University of Colorado - Boulder, is an Associate Professor of Physics and a Fellow in JILA in experimental Atomic, Molecular, and Optical physics. Her physics research involves studying collisions and reactions of simple cold molecules and understanding the quantum mechanical processes involved in making and breaking chemical bonds. Lately, she has begun transforming and evaluating upper-division physics laboratory courses at CU-Boulder. This has included designing an epistemology and expectations survey for experimental physics called the E-CLASS and studying students’ use of models in electronics and modern physics lab courses.

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Carl Wieman, Stanford. Physics Department
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