Sci/Eng Faculty Teaching Lunch

Student in physics lab. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.
December 11, 2014 - 12:00pm
Faculty Club (private dining room, grab buffet and join us)

For Science and Engineering faculty only. (Unfortunately, we are not able to extend this invitation broadly to graduate students and postdocs.)

Must pre-register.

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Teaching Lunch Overview

Common Competencies: What are we Teaching and Why? 

Science and Engineering Faculty Teaching Lunch

What common skills and capacities might every science or engineering student at Stanford learn and practice throughout their years here? You are invited to a special teaching lunch session to help generate a list of the “competencies” that our students should have and to discuss how we can incorporate teaching these competencies in our classrooms. Those that you find most interesting and important will form the basis of a new series of teaching lunches that we plan to host in Winter and Spring quarters. Please join us for a lively discussion and learn more about the “Re-Imagining” project as well!

Looking forward to seeing you and bouncing ideas!

Robyn Dunbar, Melinda Owens, and Vera Michalchik

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Co-hosted by CTL and “Re-Imagining the Stanford Undergraduate Scientist” project
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