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Getting Started with Blended Teaching

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How can you get started with blended learning?

This section offers resources to get you oriented to blended learning. 

Blended teaching is any instruction that combines in-person and online course environments. At Stanford, this primarily involves synchronous in-person learning experiences that are enhanced with online, asynchronous, or flexible course elements. Blended teaching can be as simple as teaching a normal face-to-face class while posting readings or homework to Canvas. The return to on-campus instruction will likely require, or tremendously benefit from, creative implementation of blended strategies, as instructors and students strive to make the most of both online and in-person learning techniques.

  • Top Practices to Continue on Campus: Our experiences in remote teaching provide a head start to many effective strategies in blended instruction. This list is informed by the lessons learned and experience gained by instructors who taught courses remotely during the COVID-19 shutdown.