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Tools and Techniques for Blended Teaching

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How can technology support blended instruction?

Stanford instructors are doing amazing and creative things with technology every day, and this has never been more true than during the pandemic. Technology is part and parcel of blended instruction, but it is always important that your teaching decisions drive the use of technology, rather than the technology determining your teaching. It is our goal here to provide guidance and resources that can help you make the most of technology in your classes.

  • Canvas: Canvas is Stanford’s main learning management system (LMS), and as such is the building block of much online pedagogy at the University.
  • Academic Technology in the Classroom: Here you will find a few selected Stanford tools that may be particularly useful for blended teaching, suggested teaching strategies, and information on how to get support.
  • Remote Guest Speakers: One of the great advantages of blended instruction is the ability to bring in guest speakers from anywhere in the world.