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TEACH Symposiuim

TEACH Symposium returning soon

The TEACH Symposium will pop up again November 30 to December 4, 2020. 

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Feedback and Assessment

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How do we help students get feedback on their learning online?

An important part of the learning process is understanding and evaluating what we've learned. In this section, we'll describe some approaches you might take to assessing student work in an online environment.

  • Rethinking Assignments. What are some ways that we might adapt assignments for an online learning environment? This page offers some quick tips on ways we might imaginatively rethink both major and minor assignments when taught online.
  • Formative Feedback: Offering Feedback Along the Way. In an online learning environment, it is critical to offer students feedback on how they're progressing through their courses. This page describes ways that instructors and TAs can offer students opportunities to understand their progress in a course and learn in a spirit of growth and improvement. 
  • Summative Feedback: Giving Feedback on a Project or Exam. Final assessments, where students show evidence of their learning, are critical parts of students' understanding of their knowledge in a course. On this page, learn about some ways that you might help students receive timely and valuable feedback on major projects or exams.
  • Considering Academic Honesty. How do we help students approach their online learning with academic integrity? Consider these suggestions for encouraging student honesty in submitting their own work.