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Autumn TEACH Symposium Call for Proposals

The Autumn TEACH Symposium offers free, in-person, and online workshops and will occur on September 19 (Mon.), 21 (Wed.), and 23 (Fri.). All Stanford community members are invited to facilitate a session on teaching, learning, or technology.

TEACH Symposium details

Feedback and Assessment

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How do we best provide feedback and assess learning?

An important part of the learning process is understanding and evaluating what we've learned. In this section, we'll describe some approaches you might take for giving students useful feedback and assessing their learning.

  • Formative Assessments and Feedback: It is critical to offer students feedback on how they're progressing through their courses. This page describes ways that you can offer students opportunities to understand their progress and learn in a spirit of growth and improvement. 
  • Summative Assessments and Feedback: Final assessments enable students to show evidence of their learning and get a sense of their mastery of course goals. On this page, learn different ways you can assess learning and provide valuable holistic feedback.
  • Academic Honesty and Stanford's Honor Code: How do we help students approach their learning with academic integrity? Consider these suggestions for interpreting Stanford's Honor Code and encouraging student honesty.