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TEACH Symposiuim

TEACH Symposium returning soon

The TEACH Symposium will pop up again November 30 to December 4, 2020. 

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Getting Started

Two people are sitting at a table, observing the same laptop screen.

Are you new to teaching online? Just looking for a few quick tips to get you started? 

The pages in this section will orient you to a few basic ideas that should help you get your course up and running. 

  1. Online Teaching Quickstart Guide: This page gives you three options for running your class sessions online, outlining some basic choices you can make about how you can make your class available and accessible online.
  2. Ten Promising Practices for Teaching Online: What are the Top 10 things instructors can prioritize in their online classes? This page offers a clear list of factors worth prioritizing to teach online in a student-centered way.
  3. Solve Common Online Teaching Problems: Many instructors faced similar problems or concerns with their online teaching last spring. This guide offers some answers to those common problems (e.g. "Too much Zoom," "I can't connect with my students," etc.). 
  4. The Minimum Viable Course. What's the simplest online class you could possibly design and still reach students effectively? We offer a model for that minimum viable course on this page.