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TEACH Symposium

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Join colleagues from across the university to share and learn about inclusive teaching, learning, and technology strategies at the December TEACH Symposium (December 8-10, 2021).

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Delivering Content Online

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How do you present course content online?

In traditional teaching, we often think of tried and true content delivery methods such as a lecture presentation or handouts. However, in online courses, there are many more possibilities. 

This section will guide you through the most common of these content delivery methods and present strategies for optimizing how you deliver your teaching content online.

  • Live Online Lectures – This method is a familiar one but there are a few added wrinkles when conducting lectures online. This page describes strategies for tools like Zoom and how to address attention and fatigue in online formats.
  • Pre-recorded Instructional Video – Recording instructional content in advance can have several benefits. This page suggests several ways you can use video and recommendations for producing your own video content.
  • Organizing Content in Canvas – This page describes concrete strategies and specific tools for building your Canvas course site and organizing instructional content.