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The Mentor-Mentee Relationship




Setting Teaching Mentor and Department Goals

What is my role as a Teaching Mentor? What are my department's goals for TA support?

Setting Teaching Goals with TAs

How can I start a discussion with my mentees about their teaching goals? What goals are appropriate?

Classroom Observations

Chemistry  TA

What do I look for when observing a TA in the classroom? How do I give constructive feedback afterward?

Mid-Quarter Evaluations

How can I set up a mid-quarter evaluation for my TAs? What are some useful questions to include?



What is Microteaching? What are the benefits? How does it connect with the TA and/or mentor goals for professional development?

TA Professional Development: How you can help

Consider offering workshops for your TAs on topics like:

  • Professionalism: interacting with faculty and students, appropriate boundaries
  • Balancing research and teaching
  • Sharing ideas for classroom activities; create a "toolkit"
  • How to run good office hours, review sessions, grading sessions, discussion sections
  • How to facilitate student group work
  • Writing recommendation letters

You can find a longer list of workshop ideas here [pdf]. Connect them with VPTL's events as well.

What if my TAs are looking for additional resources?

And, from our VPTL archives:

Mentor Professional Development

What if I am looking for additional resources? What are some useful references on mentoring and TA development?

Selected references:

  • Nyquist & Wulff: Working Effectively with Graduate Assistants
  • Marincovich, Prostko, & Stout (eds.): The Professional Development of Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Davis: Tools for Teaching

Additional Sources of Information for both TAs and Mentors