Teaching Awards

To reflect the emphasis that Stanford puts on effective teaching, these teaching awards are given out each year on campus at the university-wide and the School level and by student groups. We salute the many teaching award-winning faculty whose efforts inside and outside the classroom make such a difference for students.
Teaching Awards
The Bass University Fellows in Undergraduate Education Program recognizes faculty for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education, including faculty from the graduate and professional schools.
This program recognizes and rewards outstanding teaching by teaching assistants in the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Engineering.
The Walter J. Gores Awards recognize undergraduate and graduate teaching excellence. As the University's highest award for teaching, the Gores Award celebrates achievement in educational activities that include lecturing, tutoring, advising, and discussion leading. Ordinarily, awards are made each year to: (1) A senior faculty member (associate or full professor) or a senior lecturer, (2) A junior faculty member or member of the teaching staff, and (3) A teaching assistant (undergraduate or graduate student).
The Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Awards recognize distinctive and exceptional contributions to undergraduate education or the quality of student life at Stanford. The contribution may be made for such activities as curriculum design, program development, advising excellence, residential education, committee leadership, or extracurricular education. Ordinarily, awards are made each year to (1) A faculty or staff member with ten or more years of service to Stanford, and (2) A faculty or staff member with less than ten years of service to Stanford.
The ASSU Teaching Award is a student-nominated teaching award.
The Phi Beta Kappa Prize recognizes not only excellence in teaching but also the ability to inspire personal and intellectual development beyond the classroom. This may include, but is not limited to, encouraging critical and analytical thinking, taking an active interest in students as individuals, influencing the way students think about the world, and engaging and valuing student ideas and perspectives.
Through student nominations, the Center for Black Community Services recognizes a faculty member who supports excellence in teaching.
The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions of an outstanding professor who has represented the Asian American community at Stanford by enhancing undergraduate and graduate education or community.
Many of Stanford's Schools also give out Teaching Awards.