Centennial Teaching Assistant Awards

H&S Dean Richard Saller and staffer Sheila Booth congratulate 2015 CTA winner Anita Varma. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford VPTL.


The annual Centennial Teaching Assistant (CTA) Awards recognizes outstanding teaching assistants (TAs) for their tremendous service and dedication in providing excellent classroom instruction for Stanford students. Administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning (VPTL), the recipients of the award are selected from a wide range of individuals throughout the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Engineering. VPTL provides orientation, training, and mentorship to teaching assistants in their capacity as instructors and now hosts the annual awards ceremony in June, where deans of the three participating schools present awardees with a $500 stipend and a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

Selection Process

Psychology Professor Ewart Thomas established the program in 1989 during his tenure as dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences  (H&S) to acknowledge and celebrate the important role that teaching assistants play at Stanford. Since then, half of the H&S departments are invited every year to select a designated number of graduate student teachers that will be honored by the Centennial TA title. (The department or program’s size determines the number of TAs they may nominate.) For Engineering and Earth Sciences, all departments are eligible to nominate TAs. 

Departments are encouraged to seek the widest participation of their faculty and graduate students and the use of a broad range of information about teaching assistants' effectiveness and contributions; student evaluations of TAs are also consulted. This is not meant to be a competition but rather a process that recognizes TAs with a record of outstanding contributions over time.


Endowment gifts for the CTA program in Humanities and Sciences were made by Stanford friends and alums Bill (’56) and Reva (’54) Tooley of Los Angeles, Joan and the late Melvin Lane (’44) of Atherton, and Marta S. Weeks (’51) of Miami.

2018 Winners

School of Humanities and Sciences

  • Modern Thought & Literature: Maria Cichosz
  • Physics: Ruby Lai
  • Philosophy: Grace Paterson
  • Political Science: William Marble
  • Chemistry: Jaron Mercer
  • Chemistry: Matthew Adrianowycz
  • Physics: Katherine Sytwu
  • Program in Human Biology: Taylor Streaty
  • Music: Kirstin Haag
  • History: Ian Beacock
  • History: Alexandra Stern
  • Philosophy: Roy Lee
  • Physics: Trevor Howarth
  • Chemistry: Kerry Betz
  • Physics: Marc Negre
  • Psychology: Josiah Leong
  • Political Science: Lindsay Hundley
  • Psychology: Natalia Vélez Alicea
  • Chemistry: Benjamin Elling
  • Classics: Edward Kelting
  • Art & Art History:Jennie Waldow
  • History: Basma Fahoum

School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

  • Geological Sciences: Molly Witter
  • Gephysics: Dulcie Head
  • Earth Systems Program: Jack Lane
  • Earth System Science: Neil Tangri
  • Earth Systems Program: Kara Matsumoto
  • Energy Resources Engineering: Matthias Cremon

School of Engineering

  • ICME: Schmerling, Edward
  • Bioengineering: Raffiee, Misha
  • Chemical Engineering: Hou, Kevin Jia=Yu
  • ICME (Applied Math) : Lyman, Laura
  • Computer Science: Taylor, Ashley
  • Computer Science: Ma, Jestin
  • Computer Science: Liu, Amy
  • Computer Science: See, Abigail
  • ICME: Keramati, Ramtin
  • Mechanical Engineering: Grossman-Ponemon, Benjamin
  • Electrical Engineering: Trivedi, Rahul
  • MS&E: Stanford Technology Ventures Programs: Volmar, Eric
  • Mechanical Engineering: Ngo Duc, Minh
  • Management Science and Engineering: Bulchand, Suraj
  • ICME: Harvey, Brett
  • Computer Science: Su, Jessica
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Egan, Galen
  • Chemical Engineering: Sanchez, Joel
  • ICME: Estrin, Ron
  • Electrical Engineering: Park, Sanghyeon

2017 Winners

Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

  • Geophysics: Roger Michaelides
  • Earth Systems: Kira Minehart
  • Earth Systems: Scott Roycroft
  • Geological Sciences: Eric Gottlieb:
  • Geological Sciences: Carl Hoiland
  • Earth Systems: Ginny Selz
  • Energy Resources Engineering: Holger Teichgraber


  • Computer Science: Anton Apostolatos
  • Mechanical Engineering: Bryan Lopez
  • Mechanical Engineering: Yasaman Shirian
  • Chemical Engineering: Simone Bochner de Araujo
  • Electrical Engineering: Ned Danyliw
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering: Caroline Nowacki
  • Materials Science & Engineering: Steven Madsen
  • Computer Science: Nick Troccoli
  • Electrical Engineering: Timnit: Gebru
  • Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME): Olivier Moindrot
  • Mechanical Engineering: Lizzi Peiros
  • Bioengineering: Kara Brower
  • Chemical Engineering: Allegra Latimer
  • Electrical Engineering: Chuan-Zheng Lee
  • Management Science & Engineering: Tyler Whittle

Humanities & Sciences

  • Anthropology: Jennifer Hsieh
  • Biology: Richard (Max) Segnitz
  • Communication: Andreas Katsanevas
  • Division of Literatures: Cultures and Languages – Slavic Languages and Literatures: Anne Christine (Christy) Burke
  • Division of Literatures: Cultures and Languages – Comparative Literature: Patricia Vladerrama
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures: Paul Ganir
  • Economics: Neryvia Pillay Bell
  • English: Juan Lamata
  • Human Biology: Kamaria (Kami) Taylor
  • Linguistics: Bonnie Krejci
  • Mathematics: Christos Mantoulidis
  • Mathematics: Sarah Peluse
  • Mathematics: Lisa Sauermann
  • Statistics: Jessica Hwang
  • Statistics: Ya Le
  • Theatre and Performance Studies: Rebecca Chaleff
  • Anthropology: S. Torin Jones
  • Biology: Naomi Genuth
  • Biology: Devin King
  • Biology: Beth Morrison
  • Division of Literatures: Cultures and Languages – German Studies: Chris Hutchinson
  • Division of Literatures: Cultures and Languages – Iberian and Latin American Cultures: Monica VanBladel
  • Economics: Tram Nguyen
  • Economics: Yichen Su
  • English: Alexander Manshel
  • English: Kathryn Winner
  • Human Biology: Leigh Kinney
  • Religious Studies: Adeana McNicholl
  • Economics: Daniel Bennett

2016 Winners

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School of Humanities & Sciences

  • Art and Art History: Cy Keener and Sean O’Hanlan
  • Chemistry: Timothy Horton, Ariel Jacobs, Elizabeth McLoughlin and Ross Moretti 
  • Classics: Ava Shirazi
  • History: Russell Burge, Mateo Carrillo and Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky
  • Human Biology: Amy Ransohoff
  • Modern Thought & Literature: Brian Johnsrud
  • Music: Andrew Watts
  • Philosophy: Blake Francis and Yafeng Wang
  • Physics: Scott Kravitz, Kunal Sahasrabuddhe, Colvin Wang and Tim Wiser
  • Political Science: Kirk Bansak, Simon Ejdemyr and Lily Lamboy 
  • Psychology: Rebecca Carey, Takuya Sawaoka and Kara Weisman
  • Sociology: Christof Brandtner and Molly King

School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences 

  • Earth Systems Program: Jeremy K. Caves, Sophia Rose Christel and Daniel Enrique Ibarra
  • Geological Sciences: Thomas R. Benson
  • Geophysics: Meredith Goebel

School of Engineering

  • Aeronautics & Astronautics and Mechanical Engineering: Cheng Liu
  • Bioengineering: Alexandra Denisin
  • Chemical Engineering: David Bergsman
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Afroz Algiers
  • Computer Science: Ilan Goodman, Isabel Bush and Krister Johnson
  • Electrical Engineering and ICME: Tim Anderson
  • Electrical Engineering: Jose Padovani
  • Management Science & Engineering: Kian Katanforoosh
  • Materials Science & Engineering: Becky Blisle
  • Mechanical Engineering: Charbel Eid, Cesare Jenkins and Chris Ploch

2015 Winners

2015 Ceremony Photos are available to download and reproduce for non-commercial purposes. Photo credits should mention Stanford VPTL Rod Searcey.

School of Humanities & Sciences

CTA Winner Hanna Burch, smiling, accepts her award from Dean Saller at the 2015 ceremony. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford VPTL.








  • Anthropology: Hannah Moots and Eleanor A. Power 
  • Biology: Jae I. Chung, Jessica Martin, and Saumya Sankaran 
  • Communication: Anita Varma 
  • Division of Literature, Culture, and Language (DLCL): Andre Fischer, Nicole Gounalis, Michaela Hulstynm, and  D. Brian Kim  
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures: Hangping Xu
  • Economics: Blake A. Barton, Jeffrey Naecker, Igor Popov, and Ian Wright 
  • English: Vanessa Seals, Nathan Wainstein, and Benjamin J. Wiebracht 
  • Human Biology: Johanna Burch and Talon Clayton 
  • Linguistics: Annette D' Onofrio 
  • Mathematics: Christopher Henderson, Jesse Madnick, and Evrydiki Nestoridi 
  • Religious Studies: Ahoo Najafian 
  • Statistics: William Fithian and Stephen Reid 
  • Theater & Performance Studies: Myrton Running Wolf 

School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences

Stanford Earth Dean Pam Matson presents CTA Awards to Annie Rempel and Sarah McCurdy at the 2015 ceremony.. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford VPTL.








  • Earth Systems Program: Sarah McCurdy and Anne Rempel 
  • Energy Resources Engineering: Larry Jin 
  • Geological and Environmental Sciences: Theresa Schwartz
  • Geophysics: Ossian O'Reilly 

School of Engineering

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics: Young Jun Kim 
  • Bioengineering: Katelyn Cahill-Rowley 
  • Chemical Engineering: M. Saad Bhamla 
  • Computer Science: Rishi Gupta 
  • Electrical Engineering: Steven Bell and Jayant Charthad 
  • Management Science and Engineering: Mericcan Usta 
  • Materials Science and Engineering: Soah Lee
  • Mechanical Engineering: Maxime Bassenne, Xi Cheng, and the Product Realization Lab Nineteen 

2014 Winners

2014 Ceremony Photos are available to download and reproduce for non-commercial purposes. Photo credits should mention Stanford VPTL Rod Searcey.

School of Humanities & Sciences 

 Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.







  • Art & Art History: Galen Jackson and Michael Metzger 
  • Chemistry: James Flanagan, Serra Goudarzi, Yang Ha, and Daryl Staveness
  • Classics: Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne 
  • History: Cameron Blevins, Natalie Marine-Street, and Erin Pettigrew 
  • Human Biology: Tim Dang 
  • Modern Thought & Literature: Adrienne Rose Johnson 
  • Music: Laura Steenberge 
  • Philosophy: Katy Meadows and Carlos Nunez 
  • Physics: Kurt Barry, Alborz Bejnood, Alex Sugarbaker, and Sho Uemura 
  • Political Science: Allison Anoll, Adriane Fresh, and Julia Payson 
  • Psychology: Ricardo Bion, Alyssa Fu, and Candice Hogan 
  • Sociology: Lauren Benditt and Ariel Schachter 

School of Earth Sciences

 Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.









  • Earth Systems Program: Patrick Freeman and Nicole Sarto 
  • Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources: Aaron Strong 
  • Energy Resources Engineering: Amir Salehi 
  • Environmental Earth System Science: Dan Urban 
  • Geological and Environmental Sciences: Pablo Garcia Del Real and Dan Thomas 
  • Geophysics: Yi Shen

School of Engineering

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics: Joseph Starek 
  • Chemical Engineering: Briana Dunn 
  • Computer Science: Firas Abuzaid and Michael Chang 
  • Electrical Engineering: Chris Copeland and Alex Lemon 
  • Management Science and Engineering: Robert Ruhlandt 
  • Materials Science and Engineering: Chinmay Nivargi 
  • Mechanical Engineering: Maurizio Chiaramonte and Apoorva Rajagopal 

2013 Winners

2013 Ceremony Photos are available to download and reproduce for non-commercial purposes. Photo credits should mention Stanford VPTL Rod Searcey.

School of Humanities and Sciences

    Female Caucasian Associate Dean and male Caucasian grad listen as older male Caucasian prof speaks at podium









    • Anthropology: Elspeth Ready and Alexa Hagerty 
    • Biology: Rachel Egger
    • Communication: Leo Yeykelis 
    • Comparative Literature: Renana Keydar 
    • East Asian Languages & Cultures: Gabriel Rodriguez 
    • Economics: Marissa Beck, Troy Smith, Krishna Rao and Edison Yu 
    • English: Shannon Pufahl, Jessica Beckman and Anastasia Eccles 
    • French and Italian: Jason Lewallen and Biliana Kassabova 
    • Human Biology: Maureen Fausone and Steven Crane
    • Iberian & Latin American Cultures: Adam Morris 
    • Linguistics: Eric Acton
    • Mathematics: Daniel Jerison, Jeremy Leach and Cary Malkiewich 
    • Religious Studies: Simon Wiles 


    School of Earth Sciences

    Female Caucasian prof at podium, 2 female grads standing nearby








    • Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources: Dan Reineman 
    • Earth Systems Program: Annika Alexander-Ozinkas, Allie Hausladen and Jessica Eastling 
    • Energy Resources Engineering: Abdulrahman Manea and Sumeet Trehan 
    • Environmental Earth System Science: Daniel Swain 
    • Geological and Environmental Sciences: Samuel Johnstone
    • Geophysics: Dario Grana

    School of Engineering

    Dean Plummer at podium, red flowers, male grad winner, female ass't dean








    • Bioengineering: Andreina Parisi-Amon 
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Mia Mattioli and Robert Arthur 
    • Chemical Engineering: Travis Walker 
    • Computer Science: Sebastien Robaszkiewicz 
    • Electrical Engineering: Carlos Fernandez-Granda 
    • Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering: Fayadhoi Ibrahima 
    • Materials Science and Engineering: Petr Johanes 
    • Mechanical Engineering: Benjamin Kallman, Linus Park and Chelsey Simmons

    2012 Winners

    School of Humanities and Sciences

    • Art History: Yvette Deas 
    • Chemistry: Lindsey Hanson, Luke Oltrogge and Brian Smith 
    • Classics: Dan-El Padilla Peralta 
    • German Studies: Lilla Balint 
    • History: Julia Mansfield and Suzanne Sutherland-Duchacek 
    • Human Biology: Autumn Albers 
    • Music: Clare Robinson 
    • Philosophy: Samuel Asarnow and Sara-Jayne Kerr 
    • Physics: Kiel Howe, Paul Simeon and Sonny Vo 
    • Political Science: Lonjezo Hamisi, Ariel Mendez and Nicholas Sher 
    • Psychology: Yula Paluy, Paul Thibodeau and Charlene 
    • Slavic Languages and Literatures: Anna Lordan 
    • Sociology: Andrew Isaacson and Traci Tucker 

    School of Earth Sciences

    • Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources: Robert Heilmayr 
    • Earth Systems Program: Sam Ramirez and Sophie Theis 
    • Energy Resources Engineering: Hai Xuan Vo 
    • Environmental Earth System Science: Michael Tsiang 
    • Geological & Environmental Sciences: Daniel Naylor 
    • Geophysics: Yunyue Li 

    School of Engineering

    • Bioengineering: Peiran Gao 
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Anne-Laure Cuvilliez and Robby Zeller 
    • Electrical Engineering: David Chen 
    • Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering: Sudarsan N.S. Acharya 
    • Materials Science and Engineering: Zach Beiley and Saahil Mehra 
    • Mechanical Engineering: Michael Barako and Daniel Jacobs