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Digital sticky notes

Screenshot of Google Jamboard shows scattered yellow and green sticky notes

Sticky notes can be a great way to quickly get a lot of student ideas out at once. Use them for collaborative brainstorming activities, mind-mapping, and for helping students develop critical thinking by sorting concepts together. 

Digital sticky notes, like physical notes, can be moved and edited by all and can be accessed again and again.

The easiest digital sticky notes to use are Google Jamboard, available through Stanford's Google Drive. To access Google Jamboard, launch Google Drive -> New -> More -> Google Jamboard. 

Jamboard screenshot shows visual of instructions for getting to Jamboard.


Jamboards can be shared and edited collaboratively, similar to Google Docs, using the "Share" button on the top right. 

Use the menu on the left side to add sticky notes and images, and write with pen. Once you've created a sticky note, drag the corners to resize. You can add additional Jamboard pages using the "1/1" menu on the top.

Jamboard screenshot shows interface, sticky notes reading "New sticky note," "Different colors," "Can be resized and moved," and a cat photograph and hand-drawn arrow.


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