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Extended time accommodation for online assessments

We appreciate the thoughtfulness in which instructors are taking into account a different type of learning environment than what you might be accustomed to. While changing from big exams to shorter, in-class assessments can pose some initial challenges, there may be creative ways instructors can consider to support the implementation of accommodations:

  • Account for the extended time at the beginning of the class. For example, if class begins at 10am, a 30 minute quiz could begin at 9:45am for a student with 50% extended time. In this case all students would end at 10:30am and instruction could start instruction at that time.
  • Account for extended time at the end of the class. For example, if class ends at 10am, a 30 minute quiz could begin at 9:30am, with students receiving 50% extended time ending at 10:15am.
  • Account for quizzes outside of class time altogether. For example, the 30 minute quiz could be posted to Canvas with a window to begin, along with a timer to begin counting down when students access the quiz. Extended time could be adjusted individually for students with accommodations via Canvas.

Instructors should also take into consideration cases when students have classes immediately before, or after their quiz, so students are not adversely impacted, or forced to miss class due to extended time.

If there are any other questions, concerns, or challenges that may come up as a result of the transition to more frequent, smaller assessments please feel free to reach out to Office of Accessible Education to evaluate possible solutions together.

Content provided by the Office of Accessible Education.