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Register for the Fall 2023 TEACH Symposium

Register now for the Fall 2023 TEACH Symposium happening on Tuesday, September 19, 11 AM—4 PM and Friday, September 29, 9 AM—1:00 PM. Join your peers for practical, actionable, just-in-time teaching and learning ideas that can be incorporated into autumn courses.

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Stanford-licensed technology

A list of educational software tools supported by the university.

Using tools that Stanford already has a license for means they've been vetted for student safety and accessibility, and usually have a clear support structure in place.

We recommend choosing just a few tools that meet your needs, rather than trying to integrate too many different methods. 

Recommended for All Courses

Discussion and Collaboration

While Canvas can do a lot with its native discussion boards and announcements, some instructors might find the following options helpful.




Specialty Software

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