Autumn Quarter Workshops


Field Trip to SLAC

When: Friday, February 2nd

Where: Bus transportation will be provided from the Stanford University oval and back again.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is one of 10 Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science laboratories and is operated by Stanford University on behalf of the DOE. Since its opening in 1962, SLAC has been helping create the future.

These top-notch research facilities attract thousands of scientists from all over the world each year. Along with SLAC staff scientists, they’re working to discover new drugs for healing, new materials for electronics and new ways to produce clean energy and clean up the environment.

SLAC’s revolutionary X-ray laser is revealing intimate details of atoms and chemical reactions and making stop-motion movies of this tiny realm, with the goal of doing the same for living cells.

These scientists are also exploring the cosmos, from the origin of the universe to the nature of dark energy, and developing the smaller, more efficient particle accelerators of the future.

Four Nobel prizes have been awarded for work at SLAC, and more than 1,000 scientific papers are published each year based on research at the lab. As our second half-century unfolds, we’re just getting started.

Our friends at SLAC have invited the PMAs to come and tour the facilities, and learn more about this extraordinary facility and the work that happens here... especially all of the opportunities available to our undergraduates! 


12:30   pick up at Oval
12:45   arrive at SLAC 
1:00 - 1:30     Introductions, orientation video, grouping and safety briefing 
1:30 - 1:50     The klystron gallery (Michael Peskin)

Group 1 (20):
2:00-2:30       LCLS, Alan Fry
2:30-3:00       IR-2, Dan Akerib (LSST TBD) 

Group 2 (20):
2:00-2:30       SSRL, TBD
2:30-3:00       Vis lab, Ralf Kaehler

3:00-3:30       refreshments and mingling
3:30-3:45       drive back to Oval



ResEd411: An Insider's Guide to the First Year Experience

When: Wednesday, February 28th from noon until 1 pm

Where: BEAM first floor conference room


What is Full Moon on the Quad, and why is it a big deal? What is the Mausoleum Party? Why do tensions between roomates sometimes get worse in November? How might Greek recruitment, or the housing draw impact your advisees academically? How might the end of the school year be experienced differently by International students? Most importantly: how might YOU as a PMA get better aligned with the student experience outside the classroom, and how can that help you be a more effective advisor?


In this PMA Workshop, Resident Dean John Giammalva will walk us through the seasons as experienced by RA staff in the dorms, and we will discuss how this insight can inform your advising practice.