Instructions: How do I...

...use Lookup?

This year, you will receive your advising rosters via email. You can use LOOKUP to see a photo of your advisees, review their course schedule and grades, and to read their profile. Your students will be listed under "My Advisees" Just click on your student's name to see their information.  Click "Academic Interest Report" to view their letter.

…lift the ADV 20 Hold?

Each quarter, an “ADV 20” enrollment hold is placed on the account of each undeclared freshman and sophomore.  The purpose of this hold is to ensure that every student, from the time they arrive at Stanford until they declare a major, has regular contact with an advisor who can talk about their progress, experience, aspirations, and choices. Please note that although the quarterly meeting is compelled by the hold, the conversation is not intended to be focused on course selection or approval of your student’s study list; rather, it is a time for your advisee to reflect and plan with the benefit of advising resources.

The ADV 20 hold is placed in Week 4 of the quarter and restricts enrollment for the following (not current) quarter. Students may wish to meet and have the hold lifted before the end of Week 5, when enrollment for the following quarter opens. It is the PMA who lifts the hold. If you are unable to meet with your advisees or lift the hold, please ask the Academic Advising Director, or Alice Petty ( to assist.


1. Log into AXESS
2. Click "ADVISOR CENTER" at the top of the page
3. Your advising roster will load, with pictures of your students along the left side of the page. On the right, in a column entitled, "Release Hold" you should see little white boxes.
4. Using your mouse/cursor, click on each box indicating the holds you want to lift.
5. When one or more holds are selected, a red "Release Selected Hold(s)" button will appear at the bottom of the column. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of holds you have selected. When you are ready to lift the holds, click the "Release Selected HOld(s)" button.
6. Voila!
Here is a screen shot, to illustrate:


…schedule a lunch with my advisees at the Faculty Club?

UAR will fund one Faculty Club lunch for you and your freshman advisees and an additional lunch for you and your undeclared sophomores. Once you have made arrangements with your advisees, please fill out this webform and UAR will make the Faculty Club reservations and arrange for payment.

…get meals put on my Stanford ID so that I can eat with my advisees in their Dining Hall?

Pre-Major Advisors are also welcome to eat in the residential dining halls with their students. At the beginning of each quarter, you will receive an email notice that 6 meals have been placed on your ID. 

...get my hands on the Pre-Major Advising Handbook?

Here is the Pre-Major Advising Handbook