PMA Welcome & Orientation


Pre-Major Advisor Orientation Agenda


When: Friday, September 15th from noon until 3 pm; Monday, September 18th from noon until 3 pm
Where: Tresidder Union, second floor
Pre-Major Advisor Orientation will be held on Friday, September 15th and Monday, September 18th in the Oak Room (second floor) of Tresidder Union. The same program is offered on each day for your convenience so you can attend whichever session that is more convenient.  Lunch will be served.
Arrival  (noon-12:15)
  • Pick up your name tag and swag
  • Grab a seat wherever you like!
  • Help yourself to some lunch
Welcome (12:15-12:30)
There will be a very brief introduction, which will include some news about what we learned in our focus groups and surveys last year, and what is new this year (including changes to the PMA Handbook, the Newcomer Guide, new (optional) workshops throughout the year, the PMA Breakfast Club).
Scenarios (12:30-1:30)
Three current Stanford students and three Pre-Major Advisors have generously volunteered to perform three common, yet challenging, PMA scenarios. While there is no single right answer or style to addressing student concerns, our PMAs will be demonstrating a five-step approach: (1) Listen (2) Empathize (3) Reflect (4) Question and (5) Refer. Remember: we are often unable to give a single, definitive answer to the kinds of questions we are likely to encounter (only the student can do that) ; we are most helpful when we help students determine the course of action that is right for them. Time permitting, there will be a fourth scenario that we can discuss in our breakout groups.
Transition/Break (1:30-1:45) 
Follow signage to breakout groups by residential cohort, as indicated on your nametag. Sophomore Advisors are in Dr. Cari Costanzo's group. 
Small Group Breakout by Residential Cohort (1:45-2:45)
Possible discussion topics/questions include: Faculty Club lunches (how many you get, how/where to make your reservation and arrange for payment); Residential Dining Hall Meals (and how to use them); how to handle non-responsive students, students who report an injury or illness; what to do if you are concerned about a student; experienced PMAs may share their experiences and best practices/new PMAs are welcome and encouraged to ask questions; how to make best use of the weekly email; available resources, etc. 
Many, but not all Residential Cohorts will be joined by an Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes. If you have student-athletes in your cohort, feel welcome to introduce yourself to one of the AARC advisors!
2:45 End. PMAs with Transfer Students should check in with Sally Mentzer.
View the "Who's Your Stanford Advisor?" film by Walker Brown '19 featuring a number of our Pre-Major Advisors
...and check out this year's 2017 Pringle Video an annual video in which the outgoing senior class welcomes the incoming frosh class. This video is made possible each year by generous funding from the Bob Pringle Fellowship, in honor of alumnus Bob Pringle and his deep love for Stanford.
The 2017 Pringle Fellows, Matt Shimura and Walker Brown, class of 2019, spent spring and summer filming and producing this video. They spent hours interviewing seniors and capturing student events around campus, including braving the heat at Commencement! And after they got all that fantastic footage, they spent countless more hours combing through it and piecing it together around a central message of Home. They had decided on that message back in the spring, but given all that has happened this summer, this inclusive message about home could not have come at a better time than right now, when our students are seeking reassurance and warmth as they prepare to leave their home and join ours.