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Get Feedback On Teaching

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Collecting, understanding, and responding to feedback can be a highly impactful way to improve your course, teaching practice, and the learning experience of your students.

Online discussion. Photo by Rod Searcey.
Evaluation & Research

End-term Course Evaluations

Stanford's end-term course feedback system encourages instructors to reflect on and respond to student perspectives as a way to improve teaching and promote learning. End-term course evaluations primarily consist of surveys that students fill out at the end of every quarter.

Learn about this system, key dates, how to customize the survey, access data reports, and more at the Evaluation & Reseach website.

Stanford undergraduate Maria Doerr joins in a discussion about audio production in Jake Warga's audio documentary workshop.
Center for Teaching and Learning

Mid-term student feedback

Expert consultants are available to help you gather and process data to enhance your teaching during an academic quarter. They provide the following services to help you gain valuable insights into your students’ learning experience.

Small Group Feedback Session (SGFS)

Mid-Term Online Feedback Surveys

Class Video Recording or Observation

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Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Consultations

Experts from the Center for Teaching and Learning are available for individual or group consultations for all faculty, instructors, staff, and graduate students.

Two students working together
Evaluation & Research

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their interactions with digital learning environments (e.g., Canvas). This team can collaborate with you and your team to extract, organize, and analyze data from Canvas to promote the success of instructors and learners.

Selected reading on evaluation

Learn more about course evaluations and student feedback with these selected readings from the Teaching Commons.

Best practices for gathering formative feedback from students throughout the quarter on how you might improve the course.