Equipment Checklist



  • Is the equipment appropriate to the goals you have set for the course?

Considerations when using existing equipment

  • Is there enough for the number of students and type of experiments in your class?
  • Is there sufficient workspace around the equipment?
  • Is it working well?
  • Is it recent enough for your course’s purposes?
  • Will other classes be using it?

Considerations when using new equipment

  • Will the new equipment enhance students’ understanding or practice enough to justify the expense?
  • Are there grants or other sources of funds to cover its purchase?
  • Can it be set up and in reliable working order in time for the course?
  • Is all the necessary secondary equipment also on hand?

Training/accessibility arrangements

  • Will students already be familiar with the equipment or will extensive training be required?
  • If training is necessary, will students have sufficient access to the equipment to practice on it as well as to do their experiments?
  • Is documentation adequate?
  • Will consultants, TAs, or you be on hand to guide students during training?
  • Is equipment or accessibility sufficient so that each student will have enough hands-on time?


  • Are supplies on hand for “quick fixes”; e.g., fuses, extra probes, connectors, cords, batteries?
  • Are arrangements clear for the reporting and repair of broken equipment?
  • Are students adequately informed of safety and clean-up procedures?
  • If equipment breaks down at crucial times, are there other resources for students?
  • Are adequate files being kept on equipment specifications, vendors, repair arrangements, etc.?