Course Policies and Expectations

What to Include

Attendance and submission policies

  • Do you have attendance policies? If so, what are they?
  • How do you handle late submissions or missed assignments, tests, exams, and papers?
  • How do you handle technical devices? Do you have a cell phone or laptop policy?


  • What assignments (papers, problem sets, projects) and learning experiences (discussions, labs, field trips, collaborative activities) will give students the opportunity to master the information and ideas of the course, to make the material their own, as well as practice key skills? 

Evaluation and Grading Criteria for Student Work and Class Participation

  • What should students be able to do to demonstrate that they have met these key learning goals?
  • How do assignments count?
  • How will students be evaluated?
  • How do you expect students to participate? Are there multiple options for effective participation?
  • What are your criteria for good participation?
  • Will you grade participation?
  • What are the grading criteria or rubrics for written work, group work, class participation, presentations, or projects?
  • How will overall course grades be calculated?

Examples of "Student responsibilities and homework policies"

Examples of "Assignments, Evaluation, and Grading"