Readings, Materials, and Resources Examples


E14, Introduction to Solid Mechanics (Winter 2013)

Profs. Sheri Sheppard and Sarah Billington

Course Reading:

The course readings (Parts I and II) are a draft of the 2nd edition of Statics: Analysis and Design of Systems in Equilibrium, by S.D. Sheppard, T. Anagnos, and B.H. Tongue, for John Wiley. It will be available for purchase before class on Thursday (1/10) and Tuesday (1/15). The cost is $43, payable in cash or check (to Copyamerica). The first two chapters are available on the E14 website.

Students are expected to have read the material before the class session for which it is assigned, as listed in the course calendar. In addition, pointers will be given in Class Notes to particularly useful worked examples in the textbook.