Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities Overview

As an instructor, one of your primary goals is to help students discover the power and freedom that ideas can bestow. This is particularly true for students who have faced significant challenge in their life, including physical and learning disabilities. You will become a better teacher for all students while working with students with disabilities by increasing the variety of your instructional approaches. Students with disabilities are as diverse as any other group of Stanford students, and as bright, talented, motivated, and academically prepared.

It is important to remember to focus on their individuality, not their disability. Generalizations about a particular type of disability are seldom accurate or constructive: each student with a disability will have a different level of functioning, even within the same disability category. Additionally, compensation skills will vary widely from one student to another.

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For more information on the disability accommodation process at Stanford, check out this FAQ from the Office of Accessible Education.

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