Student E-Portfolios

Student E-Portfolios Overview

An e-portfolio is a web-based collection of a student’s work gathered over time.

E-portfolios may include a wide range of work in a variety of media, for example:

  • papers
  • presentations of  products created (e.g., an engineering prototype, artwork, functioning software program)
  • team projects
  • creative writing
  • blog comments
  • anything else reflecting a student’s learning

Furthermore, e-portfolios are creative endeavors in and of themselves.

Showcasing overall performance and progress, e-portfolios can serve many purposes.  As a learning tool, a portfolio promotes student self-assessment and critical thinking about learning goals, and encourages sharing of work and feedback from others.  For assessment purposes, a portfolio gives evidence of competency as defined by established performance standards.  In addition, a portfolio can display types of student creativity where standard criteria are difficult to apply. 

With various ways the student may present achievements, reliability of student work presented is less an issue than the reliability and validity of inferences made about learning quality and success. 

E-Portfolio Examples

San Francisco State University e-portfolio page

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