In-Video Quizzes

In-Video Quizzes Overview

In-video quizzes are questions and problems embedded in a video lecture, often shortly after key content is presented.   As tools for learning, they provide feedback to students on their learning at a time when they can easily review the preceding video to understand content before continuing.  

A student answer usually is required for the lecture to resume, making such quizzes a wake-up call to the student, and turning passive video viewing into active learning.   

Students are not formally graded on in-video quizzes, which are typically multiple-choice, and they don’t have to answer correctly to continue through the lecture.    

Instructors, however, may determine where instruction needs improvement based on aggregate student performance on the quizzes.

Currently, in-video quizzes are only available to students when they stream video lectures, and not when they download them for offline viewing.  In addition, OpenEdX  does not support in-video quizzes yet, but does allow assessment between video clips.