Real-World Learning

Service Learning: Taking Students Into the Real World

Real-world or service-learning courses may take students directly into the real world, to explore course topics hands-on. Dozens of service learning initiatives that extend the relevance of subject beyond the classroom are underway in all schools at Stanford.  Here are just three examples:

EDUC 171: Early Childhood Education Practicum. A year-long seminar; restricted to students who participate in JumpStart, a service learning program. Training for activities in preschool classrooms. Background on issues related to: young children's cognitive, language. and social development; classroom management; literacy; math; science teaching; cultural diversity; and early childhood education programs.

AMSTUD 146: Asian American Culture and Community. An examination of the history, art and culture of Vietnamese Americans, and their contemporary experiences in the South Bay. The course will combine in-class learning with a major conference featuring prominent artists and scholars on the Vietnamese Diasporic community. A service learning component requires community work at a service organization in San Jose.

EARTHSYS 127: GIS for Good: Applications of GIS for International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. Exposes students to geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for exploring alternative solutions to complex humanitarian and environmental issues in the international arena. The project-based, interdisciplinary structure of the class gives primary emphasis to the use of GIS for field data collection, mapping, analysis, and visualization and allows for multi-criteria assessment of community development. Students in the class partner with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. 

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