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Inclusive Support

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The resources and strategies here act as a starting point for a wide variety of course design strategies, teaching practices, and support resources that all contribute toward an inclusive and equitable learning experience.

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Center for Teaching and Learning

Inclusive pedagogy workshops and community

The IDEAL Pedagogy program provides a unified curriculum around inclusive and equitable pedagogy to promote diversity, belonging, and equitable access for all students. This flexible program offers multiple options for participation.

Selected reading on inclusive teaching

Learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and course design with these selected readings from the Teaching Commons.

Centering your syllabus around equity and inclusivity with these recommendations can contribute to overall student success in your courses.
Supportive attitudes and practices regarding personal pronouns and gender inclusivity in teaching can help create a thriving academic community for all.

The "What I Wish My Professor Knew" video provides a brief introduction to some of the issues for FLI students at Stanford.