Apply for an Advanced TA Position

An experienced TA leads a workshop. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.

Advanced TA Positions Overview

Depending upon the opportunities available in your department, you may have been fortunate enough to take on one or more TA positions already; however, departments often also need more advanced or experienced TAs to take on roles with deeper responsibility than some initial TA posts.  Three examples of advanced TA positions include:

  • Head TA
  • Mentor TA
  • Development TA

Keep reading below for more information on each of these more advanced roles. (For an extensive list of general grad teaching opportunities, check out this resource page.)

Head TA

Larger courses often have a team of TAs lead by a more experienced graduate student who has already been a section TA for the course.  Head TAs often take on a more managerial role and might help the course instructors delegate responsbilities among the section TAs, write exams, lead grading sessions or regular TA meetings, and provide other logistical support for the course. 

Mentor TA

A number of departments have official Mentor TAships.  These TA's might be responsible for making TA assignments within the department, training new TAs for their position, running a course on teaching, or helping archive teaching resources.

Development TA

Occasionally departments may create temporary TA roles in which advanced graduate students might help develop a new lab or course material.  Sometimes called course assistant positions, these posts are created when the department and/or graduate student see an opportunity to work together to move a project forward.  Be proactive if you see a potential need in your department.

How to Look for an Advanced TA Position

As you start looking for positions you might start by talking with your Student Services Officer or Chair of Graduate Studies to see if they know of particular positions or opportunities.  A SCORE grant from VPGE (faculty, not students, must apply) might provide funds for such a position.  In many departments, it is also helpful to speak directly with the course instructors to see if they are in need of a TA or CA .  Remember, sometimes you need to ask early to get in. You might also seek out past TAs in your department to see what was helpful for them.

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