Design and teach a lesson

Female TA delivers a lesson. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.

Design and Teach a Lesson Overview

When you TA, you might find that the section material is already written for you and you need to consider how to guide students through the material effectively. Alternatively, you might find that you need to design a lesson plan from scratch.  Either way, both provide great opportunities for you to hone your teaching skills. 

Before you dive in, it is worthwhile to ask yourself the following quesitons about the section you are about to prepare:

  1. What is your primary learning goal for the class?  Who will be your audience? Are your goals appropriate for and in-line with audience expectations?

  2. What information do your students need to achieve this goal?  How will it be supplied or discovered?

  3. How will the task be structured? What questions will you ask to help engage students or promote discussion and collaboration in your classroom?

  4. How will you provide closure to major concepts?  What is the product, idea, lesson…etc. that your students will take away?


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