Develop TA Training Resources

A TA listens and takes notes. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.

Training Fellow TAs Overview

You've probably discoverd that when you TA a subject, you learn the material you teach even better.  The same is true for teaching about teaching, so if you're looking for ways to advance your own teaching knowledge, why not share with others? There are many ways you can help contribute to TA training resources right in your own department.

TA Resources Within Your Department

Because you know what types of support might be most beneficial to the other TA's in your department, you might have some great ideas for new or improved resources that should be included.  Here are some ideas that other departments have found helpful:

Finding Support and Funding

While some initiatives might not require much support, others must be approved by your department and may even require some additional funding.

If you are in need of a small (<$3000) grant to jump start a new project, then you should definitely check out VPTL's TA Training Grant program.  Grants are generally due in June of each year, but can be accepted on a rolling basis as well if funding allows, so don't hesistate to ask.

Contributing to Training Campus-Wide

As you gain experience, you might also consider getting involved at the campus-wide level.  There are many ways to help provide support to your fellow TA's around campus: