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Blended and Hybrid Teaching Guide

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For instructors interested in blended teaching methods

This guide is designed for instructors interested in combining face-to-face and online teaching methods in Stanford’s largely campus-based classes. As of the 2022-23 academic year, Stanford instruction has largely returned to patterns that fall under our residential university’s usual policies and practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many faculty used a variety of online tools and methods effectively, and this guide is intended to you make the best of both digital and in-person pedagogies.

Blended and hybrid learning strategies and resources

The emphasis in this guide is on key blended and hybrid learning strategies, most particularly the methods, tools, and Stanford resources available to maximize learning in classes that feature both online and in-person pedagogy.

Though there are many ways in which online and in-person pedagogy can be blended, the emphasis here will be on classes where the main synchronous element is in-person, and major asynchronous elements (e.g., pre-recorded lectures) are online. This guide also discusses the distinction between blended and hybrid approaches.

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