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Register for the Fall 2023 TEACH Symposium

Register now for the Fall 2023 TEACH Symposium happening on Tuesday, September 19, 11 AM—4 PM and Friday, September 29, 9 AM—1:00 PM. Join your peers for practical, actionable, just-in-time teaching and learning ideas that can be incorporated into autumn courses.

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Theory to Practice

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What are foundational frameworks for understanding course design? These learning frameworks and theories can deepen your understanding of the basics of course design.

TEACH Framework

The TEACH framework is designed by and for the Stanford community to help instructors put university values at the core of their course design.

Instructional Design Framework

The ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluate) design framework can inform your course design efforts.

Technology Integration Framework

This framework asserts that content, pedagogy, and technology are essential intertwining areas needed to achieve technologically enhanced learning.
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