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Inclusive Teaching Guide

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For instructors, TAs, and staff

While we have curated this guide, particularly with instructors, TAs, and staff in mind. We believe that anyone who supports student learning can benefit from understanding inclusive teaching practices.

We recommend that everyone who works with students view the Overview of Inclusive Teaching Practices page. Instructors and TAs may also further benefit from exploring specific topics within the guide.

Covers DEI, accessibility, well-being, and community

This guide focuses on strategies that promote inclusion, diversity, accessibility, well-being, and community. It includes recommendations for fostering inclusive learning communities, links to student support services, tips for making course materials accessible, and methods for facilitating inclusive discussions.

We strongly believe that inclusive teaching practices are integral to and inseparable from good teaching practices. Truly inclusive teaching affects all aspects of a course and learning experience. While we chose to highlight this content in a separate guide, understand that these recommendations are meant to synergize and align with recommendations found across all of the Teaching Commons. 

Use the side menu to navigate

Use the menu on the left side of the page to navigate through the various topics and content pages. If you are on a device with a small screen, use the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the page.

Sections within this guide

Discover resources for helping to create an inclusive learning environment for diverse learners in the classroom by exploring the links on the page.