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Over the last few decades, the number of women in STEM fields has been growing substantially, yet stereotype threat still lingers and a gender gap still exists.
Scaling MOOC

Professors Huggy Rao and Bob Sutton share lessons learned and insights about how to scale an organization.

Plaza Blanca cliffs, NM
Developed by the Bill Lane Center for the American West, the interdisciplinary course introduced undergraduates to the unique history, literature, art, politics, and environmental challenges of the North American West.
Female grad student, in class, laughing. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.
The way Stanford’s Language Center trains its TAs--intensively, actively, and with mentors--leads to success for TAs and students alike.
Clarity isn't desirable at all times: an overview of Abigail Lipson's take on confusion, the struggle that leads to new understanding.
Instructor looking up at crowd of students in lecture hall. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.
From texting to tardiness to cheating, incivility and misconduct can disrupt learning. Here are some tips for controlling a class.
Doctoral candidates Alice E.M. Underwood and Daniel Bush developed ‘Kvizsterical,’ an online collection of literary quizzes in the Literature and Social Online Learning class. Photo by Corrie Goldman.
Students from computer science and the humanities join forces to create literary websites and mobile apps, combining their strengths to launch literature into the 21st century.
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