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Over pizza, grad students reflected on their own struggles with writing about literature and enthusiastically shared ideas to help undergraduates become stronger writers.
Students walking bikes alongside the Quad
The way "millennials" think means you should teach them differently. See how some Stanford Med instructors are doing it.
Have you considered how your students’ identities influence how they experience your teaching? A recent panel session at Stanford discussed how identity, motivation, and stereotype threat impact learning.
With the academic job market getting tougher each year, strong teaching skills are becoming more and more important for Ph.D.s. At Stanford, grad students are capitalizing on key teaching opportunities.
Are you considering team teaching? Have you worked with teams in the past and are looking for ways to strengthen your next team experience? Here are a few quick tips for having a successful – and, hopefully, less stressful – adventure in team teaching.
Four skills to encourage in your STEM students, proven to help them succeed.
You've decided to take the plunge into active learning. How do you get your students to come with you?
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