Faculty College 12-13 Wraps Up

Faculty College 12-13 Wraps Up

Above:  Participants Janani Balasubranian, Alexandra Boehm, and Andrew Parsekian with the iEarth team poster

Faculty College 12-13 Poster Session and Panel

Male Caucasian professor, white hair, gesturing to explain display of many bits of paper on board

Intertwining classes into a course plan about how we live on Earth; new ways to study human trafficking and human rights; the SIMILE dorm-based community and curriculum on the history of science--these and more came out of Faculty College 2012-13. 

Small faculty teams selected in the previous spring met together over the academic year to innovate pedagogy and curriculum. On April 19, the seven teams presented their work in a poster session in the Huang Engineering Center. 

About 20 faculty and guests seated, listening to faculty panel in the front of the large room

After sharing their work with guests and each other, the group enjoyed a panel discussion by the team leaders about their "Aha" moments, challenges overcome, connections between their research and teaching, and their overall experience.

They described the exciting synergy, not just among their team members, but also from meeting with other teams to bounce ideas. They were energized just by working together with colleagues equally passionate about undergraduate education.  Sessions with CTL and d.school facilitators helped them develop their goals and stay focused on them.

Posters and other materials are available on the Faculty College page.