Classroom Activities

Class Activities

Building on PWR’s exploration of cultural rhetorics during September Sessions, Program Meetings, and guest lectures this year, the Teaching and Tutoring Practices Committee is happy to showcase four teaching activities that provide ideas for how to integrate cultural rhetorics into our pedagogy. Samah Elbelazi considers the pedagogical promise and cultural richness of real-time research mixers between freshmen at... Read More
Tools hang from the wall in a workshop.
Overview: These two activities are designed to introduce students to the idea of a...
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A stack of newspapers rolled up.
Overview: This activity is designed to introduce students to rhetorical analysis. It...
PWR 1, RA, Rhetoric, Week 1, Activities
Overview: This activity is an in-depth modification of a traditional scavenger hunt...
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A concept map in the software application Yewno.
Overview: When students pick a research topic for the first time, they may not know...
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A paper is sholded into three parts. Someone draws in one of the segments. The other segments are blank.
Overview: Writers often get stuck in a certain way of thinking about their research...
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The musician, Weird Al, plays an accordion on stage.
Overview: As a way of giving students practice in developing productive research...
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