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Activity title:  Voice Warm-up Author:  Tom Freeland Course:  PWR 2 Activity length and schedule:  This warm-up can be completed in as little as three to five minutes. With more text exercises and group improv games it can extend up to twenty or thirty minutes. These exercises can be used early in the quarter as ice-breaker activities, or later when... Read More
The Uprising (L'Emeute) by Honoré Daumier
Activity title: Voice Warm-up Author: Tom Freeland Course: PWR 2 Activity length and...
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Overview: This activity introduces the concept of mining reading, a way of reading...
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A pile of paper zines from the 1980s and 1990s, exhibiting subversive titles
Overview: Students create "mini-zines" to help them conceptualize the organization...
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A white whale swims through the ocean.
Overview: This activity has two main goals. The first is to situate conclusions as...
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A field of green grass with a chalk white line drawn in the middle.
Overview: This activity is a modified version of commonly-used “Crossing the Line”...
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Tools hang from the wall in a workshop.
Overview: These two activities are designed to introduce students to the idea of a...
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