Instructor Achievements

Instructors in Stanford's Program in Writing & Rhetoric maintain an active scholarly life that builds from and complements their classroom pedagogy.  Below, you can browse many of their different accomplishments from between April 2017 through April 2018:

Awards & Recognitions (April 2017-April 2018)

Jenae Cohn

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, "The Book: Material Histories and Digital Futures." (Summer 2018)

Kevin DiPirro

  • Summer Research College Grant. Program in Science, Technology and Society. Stanford University. 2018.

Ashley Newby

  • Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Course Design Intensive (Autumn 2017)

Rebecca Richardson

  • artsCatalyst Award, Stanford Arts Institute (2017-18)

Selby Schwartz

  • artsCatalyst Award, Stanford Arts Institute (2017-18).

Kathleen Tarr

  • Grant, Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Stanford University (2017).
  • artsCatalyst Award, Stanford Arts Institute (2017-18).
  • Person of the Year (“The Silence Breakers”), TIME (2017).
  • First place, World Rowing Indoor Championships, CRASH-B Sprints, Peninsula Indoor Rowing Championships, and Row Series TT 2018. PR3 (PD) 40-49 (2018).
  • PR3 19-49 indoor rowing world record holder: 100m, 1", 500m, 4", 5K, 6K, 30", 10K, 60", Half Marathon, and Marathon (2017). 40-49 PR3 (PD) 100,000m, Million Meters, 24 Hour Row, and Longest Continual Row.

Conference Presentations & Invited Talks (April 2017-April 2018)

Alharbi, Lama and Elbelazi, Samah. "The exotic other: Poetic auto-ethnography of two Muslim teachers in higher education." Hume Center and The Markaz, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 16- 17 January 2018. Presenter, event planner.

Alfano, Christine, Norah Fahim, Jennifer Johnson, Sarah Pittock and Mary Stroud. “The MLL Writing Studio: Creating a Third Space within an Increasingly Diverse Linguistic Context.” Conference on College Composition and Communication Summer Regional Conference. San Jose, CA, 8-10 June, 2017. Conference Presentation.

Bernstein, K.A. and Jennifer Johnson. “Symbolic Competence and Young Multilingual Speakers: What’s at Stake in Applying Theories Developed about Adult Languaging to Young Children’s Interactions?”  American Association for Applied Linguistics, Chicago, IL, March 24-17 2018. Colloquium co-organizers.

Brown, Tessa. “BIA’S ‘FUNGSHWAY’: Situating BIA in Research on Hiphop Language and Literacies.” Kairos House, Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA, 4/16/18

Brown, Tessa. "#AprilatStanford: April Reign on Hashtag Activism and Women of Color in Media." Hume Center and Harmony House, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 25 April 2018. Event planner.

Cirillo-McCarthy, Erica. “When Pathos is King: Counter-Reason and the Fall of Ethos.” Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. 31 May-3 June 2018.

Cohn, Jenae. With Helen L. Chen. "Strategies for Bringing Digital Portfolio Pedagogy into the Dominican University Experience." Dominican University, San Rafael, CA. 21 November 2017. Invited Talk.

Cohn, Jenae. "Developing Spatial Mindfulness." Conference on College Composition and Communication Summer Regional Conference. San Jose, CA. 8-10 June, 2017. Conference Presentation.

Cohn, Jenae, Raechel Lee, and Tiffany Lieuw. "Video Killed the Doc(ument) Star." ATXpo. Arillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University, October 2 2017. Poster Presentation.

Cohn, Jenae and Tiffany Lieuw. "Video Killed the Doc(ument) Star." Digital Pedagogy Institute. Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario. August 17th 2017. Conference Presentation.

DiPirro, Kevin. "Playing Story from Tableaux." Guest Workshop. CS 83, Stanford University, Professor Omer Reingold. February 23, 2018.

Elbelazi, Samah. "Poetic Auto-ethnography in Writing Classroom: Healing and Self-discovery" TexTESOL, San Antonio, Texas, 14 April. Conference presentation.

Elbelazi, Samah and Alharbi, Lama "Poetic Autoethnography: Writing Workshop" Hume Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 17 January 2018. Moderator, event planner.

Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “Highlighting Linguistic Diversity: New Approaches to Supporting Multilingual Students” Faculty Engagement/OpenXChange Grants Showcase. Stanford University, Stanford, CA. June 7 2017.

Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “‘Re-Storying’ the Multilingual Narrative in Higher Education: Questioning Assumptions of Multilingual Identities." Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kanas City, MO, 15-18 March 2018. Conference Presentation.

Fahim, Norah and Jennifer Johnson. “Second Language Writers in the Writing Center: Strategies for Facilitating Language and Writing Development with Paul K. Matsuda” Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 25 October 2017. Workshop co-organizers.

Felt, Lindsey. "Accessible Futures and the World Wide Mind in John Scalzi's Lock In." Science Fiction Research Association, Riverside, CA, June 2017. Conference Presentation.

Formato, Megan. “Narrative, Image, and Quantum Theory." 2017 Guest lecture for Prof. Nasser Zakariya: “Science Narrative and Image” Department of Rhetoric, University of California at Berkeley.

Gardiner, Mark. “Adapt, move, or die”: biogeography, conservation, and racial formations.” The Anthropological Association, Chicago, 3 Dec 2017. Conference Presentation.

Greenhough, Alexander. "Real Movements: Geopolitics and Cinematographic Style in 'The Passenger.'" Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Toronto, Canada, 14-18 March 2018. Conference Presentation.

Johnson, Jennifer. “The embodied dimensions of intercultural communication: Multimodal transgressions by Deaf and hearing preschoolers as symbolic competence?”  American Association for Applied Linguistics, Chicago, IL, March 24-27 2018. Conference Presentation.

Johnson, Jennifer. “Research topic brainstorms using Canvas' SuiteC Asset Library: Curating course content through student interest.” VPTL’s Great Teaching Showcase. Stanford University, Stanford, CA.  Jan. 31 2018.

Kamrath, Christopher. “Twitter as a Space for Composition: Learning from the Digital Writing Practices of Jamelle Bouie & Sarah Kendzior.” Making Spaces for Diverse Writing Practice, The CCCC Summer Conference. San José State University, June 8–10, 2017. Conference Presentation.

Kim, D. Brian. "The Poetics of Japan in the Symbolist Imagination: France, Poland, Russia." American Comparative Literature Association, Utrecht, Netherlands, 6-9 July 2017. Conference Presentation.

Newby, Ashley. Education for Liberation: Celebrating Literacies, Communities & Hip-Hop Culture. San Jose State University. 20 May 2017. Panelist

Polk, Emily (with the Environmental Justice Working Group). "Environmental Justice at Stanford." Engaged Scholarship Conference, Stanford, Ca, 1 February, 2018.

Richardson, Rebecca. “Romanticism and the Environmental Uncanny.” The Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, UK. August 7-17 2017. Conference Presentation.

Schwartz, Selby Wynn, Reggie Daniels, and Amie Dowling. "Boundaries Between Bodies: Incarceration, Transmission, and Performance." Beyond Authenticity and Appropriation, Society of Dance History Scholars/Congress on Research in Dance Conference, 6 Nov 2016, Pomona College, CA. Conference Presentation.

Swan, Lisa. “'Just stop talking': Students’ Perceptions of and Responses to Instructor Feedback in Writing Conferences." The Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, Missouri, 15-18 March 2016.

Tarr, Kathleen. “The Fate & Fortune of Sarah Rector.” Curator Christian Cagigal. Stolen, Odd Salon, Public Works, San Francisco, California. 11 July 2017. Invited Speaker.

Tarr, Kathleen. “Uniting Women Across Generations.” Moderated by David Adler. Conversations with Exceptional Women, Alturas Institute, The Community Library in Sun Valley, Sun Valley, Idaho. 21-22 September 2017. Invited Panelist.

Tarr, Kathleen. “Sexual & Gender Abuse in the Workplace.” Moderated by Cathy Schulman. Women In Film, West Hollywood Library, West Hollywood, California. 28 November 2017. Invited Panelist.

Tarr, Kathleen. “Showing Up: Women Storytellers Missing in American Cinema.” Moderated by David Adler. Women’s Media Summit, Sage Inn, Provincetown, Massachusetts. 31 March - 02 April 2017. Invited Panelist.

Tarr, Kathleen. “Getting Played: Fourth Annual Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry and Awards.” Anthropology 300-300, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 9 March 2018. Moderator, producer. <>

Yamboliev, Irena. “Multigenerational Bildungsromans.” American Comparative Literature Association Conference. University of California, Los Angeles, 30 March-1 April 2018. Conference

Publications & Exhibitions (April 2017-April 2018)

Agui Carter, Maria and Maria Giese, Caroline Heldman, Kathleen Tarr, Christine Kunewa Walker. Women's Media Action Coalition. White Paper on Gender Inequality in Film and Television. 09/06/2017. Web.

Antonia, Kathleen, perf. Firefox Presents: Slow v. Fast with Reggie Watts. Advertisement. Mozilla. 20 November 2017. Television, Cable, Web. <>

Antonia, Kathleen et al. “Open Letter to Marin Theatre Company and to Our National Theater Community.” Truth Telling, 10/22/2017,

Brown, Tessa. "Constellating White Women’s Cultural Rhetorics: The Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching and Its Contemporary Scholars." Peitho 20.2 (2018).

Brown, Tessa. "How the TV Adaptation of I Love Dick Recenters the Female Gaze." Hyperallergic (2017).

Carter, Julian, Doran George, Maxe Crandall, Selby Wynn Schwartz, and Zach Ozma. "PolySensorium Tells Your Fortune: Action Art Object." Transgender Studies Quarterly 5.1. (2018): 143-147.

Crandall, Maxe, and Selby Wynn Schwartz. "Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance." Movement Research: Critical Correspondence (Dec 2017). Web.

Cirillo-McCarthy, Erica, Elise Versoza-Hurley & Amanda Wray. “Rhetorics of Interruption: Navigating Sexism in the Academy.” Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Leadership. Eds. Holly Hassell and Kirsti Cole. New York: Routledge, 2017.

Cirillo-McCarthy, Erica. Review of Melissa A. Goldthwaite’s “Food, Feminisms, Rhetorics,” Rhetoric Review 37.2 (March 2018).

DiPirro, Kevin. "Who/Where Am I - 1." Guerilla Leaf Rake Installation. Kuleto Village. Point Reyes National Seashore. Nov. 2017

DiPirro, Kevin. Culminating Performances. Global Musicians Workshop. Silk Road Ensemble. DePauw University, Indiana, June 5, 2017.

Elbelazi, Samah and Alharbi, Lama "Research Methods for Language Teaching." Book Review (2018). CATESOL Journal.

Formato, Megan Shields. “Crafting Quantum Theory: Margrethe Bohr and the Labor of Theoretical Physics.” Lady Science, no. 42 (March 15, 2018).

Formato, Megan. “Enrico Fermi, Flaws and All.” Science 359, no. 6373 (January 19, 2018): 282.

Garcia, Merideth, Brandy Dieterle, Jenae Cohn, and Paula Miller. "The Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative as an Instructional Tool: Cross-Community Connections and Collaborations." Computers and Writing Proceedings 2016-2017. Accessible at

Johnson, Jennifer. “Performing Deafness: Symbolic power as embodied by deaf and hearing preschoolers. L2 Journal, 9.2, 2017: pp. 35-62.

Newby, A., and Stanborough, R. "The Rhetoric of the Womb." The Lauryn Hill Reader (2018)

Pittock, Sarah P. "Mary Hays's Female Biography: Feminist Remix." Women's Writing 25.2 (2018): 219-234.

Polk, Emily. "Communicating Climate Change: Where did we go wrong, how can we do better?" Handbook of Communication for Development and Social Change (forthcoming, 2019). Springer.

Richardson, Rebecca. “‘Sent Here For Her Health’: Accounting for Sanditon’s Economies.” Studies in Romanticism (2017) 56.2.

Schwartz, Selby. Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin State Prison, dir. "Site Unseen." Live performance at San Quentin State Prison (Jan 2018).

Swan, Lisa M., Kramer, S., Gopal, A., Shi, L., & Roth, S. M. "Beyond Proficiency: An Asset-Based Approach to International Graduate Student Training." The Journal of Faculty Development (2017), 31(2), 21-28.

Tarr, Kathleen. "The GOP Tax Bill Does In Fact Lead To Income Equality ... Via Large-Scale Casualties." HuffPost Contributor Platform (12/11/2017 05:37 pm ET). Web.

Tarr, Kathleen. “Reflections On The Rape Of A Slave Girl.” HuffPost Contributor Platform (10/06/2017 03:20 pm ET, updated 10/07/2017 ). Web.

Tarr, Kathleen. “‘The Supremes’ –– Cast(e)ing the Movie of Your Life.” HuffPost Contributor Platform (09/09/2017 07:47pm ET). Web.

Tarr, Kathleen. “EVERYONE Loves Alternative Facts: The Power of Stories in the 21st Century.” HuffPost Contributor Platform (06/04/2017 09:02pm ET, updated 06/05/2017). Web.

Tarr, Kathleen. “The Provincetown Women’s Media Summit: A Conference with Hints of Soft Porn.” HuffPost Contributor Platform (04/19/2017 04:35pm ET, updated 04/19/2017). Web.

Watters, Ann. Invited artist, Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA

Yamboliev, Irena. "The Outward Mind: Materialist Aesthetics in Victorian Science and Literature". Nineteenth-Century Contexts (30 January 2018). DOI: 10.1080/08905495.2018.1432264

Service to the Field & Community Work

Tessa Brown

  • Associate Editor. #writing series, WAC Clearinghouse. April 2018-present.

Jenae Cohn

  • Webinar Co-Chair, Global Society for Online Literacy Educators (GLOSOLE). October 1, 2016-present.

Emile DeWeaver and Selby Schwartz

  • Co-Directors. Prison Renaissance at Stanford. Fall 2017-present.

Jennifer Johnson

  • Review Editor. CATESOL (California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Journal. January 1, 2016-present.

Emily Polk

  • Editorial Board Member and Reviewer. Telematics and Informatics. September 2015-present.

Kathleen Tarr

  • Presenter, “Multiple Hats: Preparing Beyond One Career.” ARISE College & Careers Symposium. ARISE High School, Oakland, CA. 2017.
  • Invited Community Guest. "PARTICIPANTS." TheatreFIRST, Live Oak Theater, Berkeley, CA. 2017.
  • Member, Good Ally Collaborative Advisory Committee. 2017-present.
  • Volunteer, AIDS Emergency Fund Christmas Dinner. Green Room, Marine Memorial, San Francisco, CA. 2005-present.

Ann Watters

  • Volunteer, Home and Hope Program for Homeless Families 2013-2017.

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