Instructor News: January 2018

Instructor News: January 2018

Here's an overview of what our colleagues have been up to as we moved from the end of 2017 into the new year.

Samah Elbelazi recently welcomed her friend and co-author, Lama Alharabi from Indiana University of Pennsylvania for a two-day visit that involved workshop sessions with Samah's PWR 1 students and a presentation, "The 'Exotic Other': A Poetic Autoethnography of Two Muslim Teachers in Higher Education."  The presentation was followed by a poetic auto ethnography writing workshop where they practiced and discussed using poetic auto ethnography as a healing method for endangered and traumatized students.

Mark Gardiner gave a talk entitled “Adapt, move, or die”: biogeography, conservation, and racial formations" at the American Anthropological Association 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on Dec 3.  In addition, he also prsesented at the African Studies Association Annual Meeting in Chicago on Nov 17: "Solar visions, nuclear dreams: “just transitions” and innovative energies in Namibia".

Zandra Jordan delivered the sermon at the January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Faith Celebration Service at Memorial Church.

Emily Polk's article, "Momentum in the age of sustainability: building up and burning out in a transition town," has been published in the anthology Perma/Culture: Imagining Alternatives in the Age of Crisis (Routledge, 2018), edited by Molly Wallace and David Caruthers.  Emily is also excited to be presenting at Stanford's 3rd annual Engaged Scholarship Conference on February 1 on the Environment and Sustainability panel with Richard Nevle and Sibyl Driver.  

Kathleen Tarr has been busy over the past few months.  Her article, "The GOP Tax Bill Does In Fact Lead To Income Equality ... Via Large-Scale Casualties," appeared in the HuffPost Contributor Platform on December 11th.  In addition, she was a panelist on the "Sexual & Gender Abuse in the Workplace" panel, moderated by Cathy Schulman, in the Women in Film conference in late November, was a community guest in "PARTICIPANTS" at TheatreFIRST at the Oak Theater, in Berkeley on December 10th, and was featured in The Yay with Norman Gee & Reg Clay podcast, Episode 41: Kathleen Antonia Tarr" (November 4, 2017). 

New Colleagues

We are pleased to welcome two new lecturers to PWR who will be teaching with us for winter and spring quarters this year.

  • Paul Festa. Paul is joining us from Stanford's Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, where he taught Chinese culture courses on the body, folk religion, and the underground economy. An anthropologist interested in ritual and the sacred, he is currently studying the religiosity of two tea communities in Taiwan. His winter PWR course is "Body Rhetoric East and West: Gender, Art, Sports, and Medicine."  You can find him on the third floor in cube 323A.
  • Sarah Perkins.  Sarah is joining us from Stanford’s Thinking Matters program; she holds a PhD in English from Stanford. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on American popular music, regionalism, and cultural memory. Her forthcoming book, Dixie Bound, charts the rise and rhetoric of the Confederate anthem in American popular culture. Her winter PWR course is “The Rhetoric of California.”  Her workspace on the third floor is cube 321B; stop by and say hello.

Beyond the Farm

In this issue's "Beyond the Farm" -- which focuses on what our instructors do when they're not in the classroom, Hume, or in Sweet Hall -- we're spotlighting our colleague, Kathleen Tarr.

Kathleen wears many hats from occasionally assisting military veterans obtain VA disability benefits to contributing short articles to HuffPost. Her acting credits continue to mount including as the announcer tag for the recent Mozilla ad, and she was just named a Series Editor for Cultural Weekly. Like many, Kathleen is TIME’s 2017 Person Of The Year for being a Silence Breaker, and she continues to work toward equity in entertainment media, recognized for her contributions at the Provincetown Women’s Media Summit and Alturas Institute’s Conversations With Exceptional Women. But you may be surprised to discover that one of her greatest passions is indoor rowing. The current world record holder in three events, Kathleen hopes to obtain record number seven – the Million Meter – this month (she previously held the American and World Records for the Half Marathon as well as broke one of her other records, QED 7). Kathleen will compete in the Peninsula Indoor Rowing Championships on February 4.