Instructor News: May 2019

Instructor News: May 2019

Even with the crush of spring quarter, our instructors were busy beyond the classroom, presenting at conferences, publishing, working on creative and academic projects, and making a difference in the community. Read on below for a sampling of what they've been up to for the last couple months.

[pictured above: PWR on the road for this year's 4Cs conference]

Christine Alfano, Chris Kamrath, and Jennifer Johnson presented their pedagogy-based papers in the panel Performing Research/Research as Performance: Cultivating Students' Identities as Researcher-Writers” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication Pittsburg, PA in March of 2019. The papers in the panel were: “Re-imagining the research log: Developing multimodal scaffolding for the research-writing process” (Christine Alfano), “Following a Citation Trail” as Threshold Concept: On Becoming Scholars” (Chris Kamrath) and “The Reflexivity Memo: Performing Culture and Agency to Develop Student Researcher Identities” (Jennifer Johnson).

Several other members of our PWR faculty also attended 4Cs this year, including Adam Banks, Jenae Cohn, Norah Fahim, Zandra Jordan, Valerie Kinsey, Eldon Pei, and Cassie Wright.

Russ Carpenter, Jenae Cohn, and Jennifer Stonaker, along with Stanford colleague Helen Chen, published their article "Metacognition across the Curriculum: Building Capstone ePortfolio's in Stanford University's Notation in Science Communication" in Kathleen Yancey's edited collection, ePortfolio as Curriculum.

Samah Elbelazi published a manuscript with co-author Lama Alharbi entitled, "The “Exotic Other”: A Poetic Autoethnography of Two Muslim Teachers in Higher Education" in the Qualitative Inquiry Journal.   She and Alharbi also presented a paper titled "The Illusion of Inclusivity on Campus: Poetic Narratives of Muslim Hijabi Teachers" at AERA.  She writes, "In this paper, we did not only discussed our standing on educational campused, but we offered some diversity training tips and considerations for the institutions with the diverse body students."  Over this coming summer, Samah will present a paper titled, "Being a woman in a conflict zone: poetic ethnography of Libyan women’s experience during the Libyan uprising in 2011" at "Edmonton Symposium, Reading, writing, storytelling, viewing: Researching how cultural forms support reconciliation.” The paper discusses the experience of Libyan women during the Libyan revolution from 2011 to 2016.  She also received an ArtCatalyst Award and used it to take her students to the Computer History Museum.

Norah Fahim and Jennifer Johnson presented their research “Complicating Multilingual Writer Identities Within and Beyond Institutional Contexts” at the Second Language Writing Standing Group Workshop: “Staying woke on campus: Promoting social justice for multilingual students” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Pittsburg, PA in March 2019. In May, with other SLW colleagues from this workshop, Norah and Jennifer presented their work in a TESOL webinar “A more just campus for multilingual students.”

In addition, Norah was also elected by her SLW colleagues nationwide to serve as the 4Cs Second Language Writing Group Standing Group co-chair.

Jennifer Johnson’s article, “Participation in a Global Hearing Culture: Hearing Mothers’ Translations of Their Childrens’ Deafworlds” was published in the journal Applied Linguistics. The article will come out in print in January 2020 as part of a special issue titled, “Translating Culture in Global Times.”

Zandra Jordan presented at the International Writing Center Association (IWCA) conference on “Interruptions and Reimaginings: An Afrofuturistic Call and Response on the Citizen Center” and also the Northern California Writing Center Association Conference with Norah Fahim on "Cultural Rhetorics for Tutors in Training." Her review of Frank A. Thomas's How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon will be published in Homiletic: The Journal of the Academy of Homiletics in June 2019. Her article, "Clarity and Creativity as Womanist Ethics for Teaching and Evaluating Theological Writing" was accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal on teaching theology and religion and will likely be available this summer. Along with other womanist theologians in the area, she planned a Womanist of the Bay Seven Last Words worship service that was held at The Way Christian Center in Berkeley on the Friday before Easter (Good Friday).

Hayden Kantor's article, “A Body Set Between Hot and Cold: Everyday Sensory Labor and Attunement in an Indian Village" was published in the April 2019 issue of Food, Culture, & Society.

Lily Lamboy published her article, "Democratizing Success: Why We Need to Change Who Defines Merit in College Admissions," on

In March, Becky Richardson interviewed Soniah Kamal, author of Unmarriageable: Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan, at a Kepler’s Books event. This past month, with the help of an artsCatalyst Grant, she took her "Rhetoric of Adapting" students to A.C.T. in SF, for a production of Kate Hamill's Vanity Fair.

Kathleen Tarr's article, co-authored with Doron Dorfman, "Regatta Revisited: The Race for Equity in Virtual Sports" was just published in the Rutgers Law Record, Vol. 46, 151-160 (2018-2019). She also served as a Festival judge for the UN Women SF Global Voices Film Festival's Awards After Party and delivered the Keynote Address for that same Festival;  she was interviewed for the documentary "Nevertheless"; she was a contributing author to  Intersections: Identity, Access, & Equity: The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California, The Center for the Advancement of Women, Mount Saint Mary’s University (March 28, 2019);  Kathleen also spoke on the COVEN Film Festival panel (9 February 2019). In addition, Cultural Weekly accepted all the RBAs from her winter section for PWR 1KTA, "That's Entertainment!" The Rhetoric of Hollywood's Inequities," for publication online as part of its "Hollywood Lens Z" series.  In a last piece of news: Kathleen broke the division 2k indoor rowing world record at Fool's Fest Sprints in Chicago.

Yanshuo Zhang will be publishing her article, "Tricking Memory, Remaking History: Trompe L'oeil and the Transformation of a Historic City in China: Chengdu" in the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies in 2019. She has also published her article, "Between Representation and Repression: The Photography of San Francisco's Old Chinatown and the Visual Politics of Representing the Racial 'Other,'" in the Stanford Journal of Asian American Studiesin Spring 2019.