Lecturer News: April 2016

Lecturer News: April 2016

With the start of Spring quarter, lecturers were busy with classes and committee work, but some still had time to make their mark outside the classroom. Here are just a few examples.

John Peterson & Canvas

John Peterson has become one of Canvas's featured instructors with a course profile and video interview posted to the Canvas blog.  In the interview, he discusses how he uses modules to organize his course and integrates Google Docs to invite his students to become collaborators in his class's learning environment.

Stanford at the CCCC Conference

Stanford made a strong showing at this year's 4Cs conference, which took place in Houston, TX. 

  • Erica Cirillo-McCarthy spoke about her ongoing project, "Narrating Stanford University's Hume Center for Writing & Speaking" at the IWCA Collaboratory.
  • Norah Fahim helped lead the Wednesday afternoon workshop, "Developing Practical Pedagogical Appraoches for Internationl L2 Writers in the Classroom and Beyond," and then, on Thursday, she participated in the panel, "Rethinking Teaching & Learning Practices for Diverse Populations in the University."
  • John Peterson participated in the roundtable "Professional Credentials of Writing Program Faculty," which focused on MFAs teaching in comp programs
  • Christine Alfano, Jenne Stonaker, and Cassie Wright showcased the Notation in Science Communication on Friday in their panel, "Taking Action, Building Community, and Sponsoring Literacy with Stanford's Notation in Science Communication."

Other PWR people at 4Cs included Angela Beccera Vidergar, Valerie Kinsey, our new colleague Jenae Cohn (soon joining us as our Academic Technology Specialist), and, of course, Andrea Lunsford.

There were a few sightings of former PWR instructors:  Bump Halbritter, Jonathan Hunt, John Pell, and Cassie Wright.

Proposals for next year's 4Cs in Portland, OR, are due on May 9, 2016.

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