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Tech Support

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There are many different technology support services on campus. We've curated these technology resources specifically for instructors.

Campus tech support

Decorative image: electronics computer board
For everyone

University IT systems

Browse help documentation and submit service requests related to wifi, single sign-on, email, file storage, security, web-hosting, research computing, and more.

Garrett Gross, left, and Hugo Santos Parada, who are enrolled in the Veteran Accelerator program at Stanford this summer, discuss an essay assignment for their writing class.
For everyone

Tech-enhanced pedagogy

Request a consultation with Center for Teaching and Learning for assistance with tech-enhanced pedagogy, educational tech integration, and tech training and workshops.

Senior Alyson Yamada examines the Ergograsp, a camera grip designed by Franco De La Paz, right, for his ME318 class.
For everyone

Borrow academic technology hardware

Long-term iPad loan program; and short-term loans for hybrid equipment, microphones, VR, tablets, and displays.

School-specific tech support

Peter Wegner, ''Monument to Change as It Changes"
For Graduate School of Business

Teaching and Learning Hub

Instructional technology services, digital content production, experiential course support, and more.

Jennifer Stonaker, lecturer in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, and coordinator of the Notation in Science Communication, teaching. In background, student Keetan Rutlidge.
For Stanford Law School

Educational Technology Hub

Troubleshooting and tech help, training and consultations on educational technologies, and technology tool research and evaluation.

An instructor is standing in front of a computer screen that says 'Editing ERhetoric Fall 2006'. The students in the class are watching her point to the screen.
For Graduate School of Education

Office of Innovation & Technology

IT support, app design and development, web design, research computing, software, equipment, facilities, and more for the Graduate School of Education

Professor Beth Sattely works with students in the chemistry class.
For Stanford Medicine

Educational Technology

LearnMed & Med Education, instructional design & production, recording studios, workshops, and more.

Two men performing lab activities
For Stanford Medicine

Technology & Digital Solutions

Tech support for Stanford Medicine IT services such as information security, mobile device management, security compliance, SoM computers, AEM website, and so on.

Pathways at the Stanford quad

Still not sure what you need?

The academic technologists at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are well-connected to the various service providers across campus. They can help to diagnose your situation and connect you to the best place for assistance.