Critical Thinking

Student riding her bike past a Stanford fountain.
Nov 9, 2014
What are you planning for the last day of class? Help your students reflect on their learning with these fun and productive activities.
Educators look on during a classroom discussion
Nov 6, 2013
Identify the "threshold concepts" in your discipline to help students cross the line into significant learning.
A group of Stanford faculty sit around a table discussing learning and teaching misconceptions in science and engineering.
Oct 16, 2013
What hidden misconceptions are hindering learning in your class? Find them and bust them.
Feb 21, 2013
I will share ideas learned from working with bright young students on designing every part of a class to serve the larger goal of teaching students to think at a higher level, keeping in mind that most learning happens outside the classroom.
Oct 31, 2012
Critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, effective communication, passion for a subject, leadership skills: Mentoring outside the class room provides unique opportunities to address these learning goals.  I present some thoughts on what
Nov 3, 2011
I strive to engender in students the elusive skill of critical thinking coupled with a disciplined apprach to problem solving... the "force," so to speak.
Oct 11, 2007
Socrates believed that the method of using questions to elicit people's beliefs and values, and the method of arguing by presenting counter-examples, can lead us to a clearer understanding of our deepest values.  This method is, even today, one of
Learn how to facilitate groups of students working to solve a problem by applying concepts just taught.


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