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Traffic sign: question mark in a triangular sign against a blue sky
Nov 10, 2015
Attend this workshop to learn techniques of asking great questions.
Students at desks in classroom, discussing together
Aug 3, 2015
Four questions to help your students think and reflect on what you're teaching
Oct 22, 2014
Make your discussion sections more interactive and fun with these activities.
Several students seated in desks, not speaking
Dec 5, 2013
Five classroom-tested practices to improve learning for introverts--and all students--in a discussion class.
Several students seated in desks, not speaking
Dec 5, 2013
Why do some students speak up easily in class while others don't? And how do we engage them all in discussion?
May 19, 2011
Last year, I experimented with a WRITE-2 class on folklore and literature.  I discovered that because the subject matter of folklore is so broad, it offers opportunities to engage a variety of students -- and the material itself foregrounds writin
Apr 30, 2009
Otherwise outstanding scholars are often encumbered in their teaching by the fact that they may not know what their audience does not know.  One of the secrets to good teaching is to have an accurate appreciation of what the student have not yet s
May 1, 2008
This talk meditates on the value of engagement -- a paradoxical term used to describe the situation of those who wish to marry as of those who do battle -- for successfull teaching and learning in the classroom.
Oct 11, 2007
Socrates believed that the method of using questions to elicit people's beliefs and values, and the method of arguing by presenting counter-examples, can lead us to a clearer understanding of our deepest values.  This method is, even today, one of


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