Engaging Students

Jan 31, 2014
How to make students want to enroll in your class
Jan 23, 2014
Stanford undergraduates are wonderfully smart and motivated.  They are also often over-committed and time constrained.  I’ll share some thoughts gleaned over the years for strategies to help engage such energetic, busy students in different as
Several students seated in desks, not speaking
Dec 5, 2013
Why do some students speak up easily in class while others don't? And how do we engage them all in discussion?
Nov 7, 2013
Can your students learn what they need to know by just reading the book, or is there value added to also seeing the "movie"?  Some thoughts on how I try to make it worthwhile for my students to actually attend my classes.  
An instructor speaks in front of a small class of students
Oct 15, 2013
How to help your students connect with what you're telling them.
Brandon Santiago leads a class using the whiteboard
Aug 1, 2013
Recent Stanford grad and spoken word artist Jordan Gray covers the July 2013 First Sound Summer Conference on writing and spoken word in pedagogy.
Two female students conversing in a lecture hall full of other students
May 20, 2013
Imagine the first day of an undergraduate Spanish 2 classroom with sixteen students whose enthusiasm for the course ranges from “Oh boy!
May 14, 2013
In his 30+ years at Stanford, John Boothroyd has engaged in teaching at all levels—from undergrads to faculty—and in venues from the classroom to seminar room to lab.  In this talk, he'll synthesize the most important lessons he's learned ab
Feb 21, 2013
I will share ideas learned from working with bright young students on designing every part of a class to serve the larger goal of teaching students to think at a higher level, keeping in mind that most learning happens outside the classroom.


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