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Feb 20, 2014
Technology-enabled distance learning isn't new. Just as in past tech revolutions, argues Scott Newstok, "close learning" will still be key.
White male Caucasian lecture stands at whiteboard in front of class, smiling, gesturing
Jan 27, 2014
The flipped classroom innovation: is it all new? Actually, no. Marilla Svinicki of UT Austin shows how three aspects of flipped classes are already familiar as good teaching practices.
A post-doctoral student explains his work as others look on
Nov 6, 2013
A flipped classroom success. Assistant Professor Aneesh Nainani used seed grant funds from VPOL to flip his Nanomanufacturing class.
Sep 10, 2013
The flipped structure is ideal for students learning to write in the sciences: quizzes and editing exercises outside the classroom, on-the-spot writing and editing inside it.
Jul 16, 2013
Hands-on exploration first You've heard of the flipped classroom, where students watch lecture videos before coming to class and use class time for activities with the instructor.  But that may be the wrong way around.
May 2, 2013
Last month, Mike Caulfield and I introduced the term “distributed flip”, in an attempt to call attention to the em
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