Lab Courses

Scientist in lab coat, goggles, reaching into lab equipment
Mar 23, 2015
This researcher set out to improve her department's lab courses and students' feelings about them. Here's how she succeeded at both.
Two students work together at the board. Photo by Rod Searcey for Stanford CTL.
Mar 15, 2015
Watch how one physics instructor is changing up the traditional lab structure to make class more exploratory and imaginative.
Heather Lewandowski in the lab
Feb 26, 2015
This U Colorado professor discusses what they did to their lab courses to turn their students into researchers.
Apr 8, 2014
Profs combine lab and lecture to introduce students to the "messiness" of engineering.
Learn more about running a lab smoothly.
Here are some strategies for designing and supervising effective lab sections.
Find resources and information on laboratories designed to allow experiments to be conducted remotely across the Internet.
What's a lab or field course, and how do you create one?
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