Large Courses

Apr 15, 2015
For Stanford grad students and postdocs (also open to Stanford affiliates)
Woman lying on grass, reading. Photo from Flickr.
Nov 12, 2014
Students who read ahead get much more out of class, but have always been in the minority. Carl Wieman and colleagues reveal their experience of increasing pre-reading to 80% in two science courses.
Caucasian male student in class, speaking; neighbors watching
Apr 30, 2014
Modular, peer-led review sessions help students in large, introductory courses prepare for exams.
Male students sitting in class, attentive, positive
Apr 7, 2014
A highly realistic practice exam, with peer tutor support, helps students in large, introductory courses prepare for midterms.
Sep 9, 2013
Profs. Berman and Zoback aim for students to understand the complexity of global issues and sustainability through readings and discussion
Fisheye-lens view of a large lecture hall, some students moving around
Jun 21, 2013
Imagine you’ve been asked to teach a new class: 
May 23, 2013
In teaching biology to undergraduates, I want them to discover the thrill of discovery. I'll talk about designing a large introductory research-based laboratory class that challenges students to create and share scientific knowledge.
Nov 29, 2012
Large lecture classes for beginning students are a fact of life.  Their scale offers huge rewards, like watching a large group of people taking command of a new toolkit for thinking.   It also offers (at least)  three challenges:  keeping students
May 17, 2012
Whereas technology and automation have made almost all segments of our economy vastly more efficient, education today isn't much different than it was 300 years ago.
Jan 26, 2012
In my large mathematics course for incoming graduate students, I'm math instructor, swim coach,and cheerleader, and I love it.  I’ll share my thoughts on how to help new graduate students overcome common anxieties and thrive, and why I regularly j


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