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Jan 8, 2014
Does viewing an introductory video before class help students absorb the lecture material better? Karin Forssell, Director of the GSE's Learning Design & Technology Program, is studying Prof. Anne Friedlander's courses to find out.
A post-doctoral student explains his work as others look on
Nov 6, 2013
A flipped classroom success. Assistant Professor Aneesh Nainani used seed grant funds from VPOL to flip his Nanomanufacturing class.
Oct 25, 2013
Kristin Sainani wanted to provide public students with a foundational understanding of probability and statistics as well as to teach students the critical thinking skills they would need to evaluate statistics in medical studies and analyze data.
Architectural detail, Memorial Church
Oct 2, 2013
What kind of instructional design approaches work for Stanford students, and what barriers and opportunities should professors consider when designing online experiences for them?
Caucasian male, glasses, fair hair (Rob Reich), seated, points to computer screen for student next to him
Sep 18, 2013
Can MOOCs deliver better learning than traditional courses can? Prof. Rob Reich discusses MOOCs' potential for quality in the context of the backlash against them.
Sep 9, 2013
Profs. Berman and Zoback aim for students to understand the complexity of global issues and sustainability through readings and discussion
Maya Adam in the kitchen with kids
Aug 29, 2013
It’s not yet 7am on any given weekday morning this past year. I’m peering in to a pot of hot cereal, trying to think of creative ways to add more fiber to a child’s gluten free diet. Our days are usually in full swing by 6:15.


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