Student Learning

Mar 10, 2014
You've decided to take the plunge into active learning. How do you get your students to come with you?
Feb 20, 2014
Technology-enabled distance learning isn't new. Just as in past tech revolutions, argues Scott Newstok, "close learning" will still be key.
Prof. David Beach, Caucasian male, beard, balding, glasses, teaching
Jan 8, 2014
Photo:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service
Carl Wieman standing behind faculty, seated at long table
Nov 15, 2013
How do we guide our students towards expertise? And what are we doing now that actually undermines it?
Students in lecture class, some with laptops open, looking towards instructor
Oct 23, 2013
Students who surf the Internet in class hurt their learning--and make it even worse for the students around them. Carl Wieman reviews this new study by Sana, Weston, and Cepeda.
A group of Stanford faculty sit around a table discussing learning and teaching misconceptions in science and engineering.
Oct 16, 2013
What hidden misconceptions are hindering learning in your class? Find them and bust them.
African-American woman student with bucket and gardening gloves smiles delightedly standing in front of a sky-blue portable building and small patch of grass
Sep 16, 2013
How students and communities both benefit from service learning.
Brandon Santiago leads a class using the whiteboard
Aug 1, 2013
Recent Stanford grad and spoken word artist Jordan Gray covers the July 2013 First Sound Summer Conference on writing and spoken word in pedagogy.
Students studying outdoors, picture by Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service
May 15, 2013
When students ask for studying advice, what should we tell them? Should we advise rereading material? Using flashcards? Highlighting key terms?
Student studying in the Lane Reading Room (credit Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service)
May 7, 2013
The story is a familiar one across college campuses:students stay up late into the night cramming weeks’ worth of material into one study session before the big exam, only to forget the material as soon as the exam is over.


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